The Story of Colibri Life


On Tuesdays, my daughter has dance class  so we usually grab a quick dinner between pick-up from school and her class. Tonight, we stopped at Panda Express (not one of my favorites but she loves it) and when I opened up my fortune cookie, it made me think of why I started Colibri Life. My fortune read:

“Delight and surprise someone today.”

When you get divorced and you suddenly find yourself alone, raising kids or dogs or cats or plants,  there are few days in your life that you experience “delight and surprise”. During my divorce (and after), there was a lot of figuring things out – who to reach out to, who to trust, who my friends were that would understand, who my friends were that I could lean on…

I didn’t realize it at the time, but those challenging days were the birth of Colibri Life. My flailing around to find an attorney, to figure out what I needed to do next, to find someone to talk to or do something with socially that wasn’t married or a parent. All of these struggles were my need.

It took some time for the idea to come together and many discussions with women who experienced divorce then a whole lot of bravery to take the leap to start my own company but here I am.

Most days I feel like I have fallen into a dream. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard and I’m still not sure which end is up but then I get to interact with the women of Colibri and our amazing Specialists.

I hear the stories of challenges turning into opportunities for growth (like in our Women of Colibri Series). I experience small transformations and moments of change that I know will carry women forward. I see new friends leaning on each other to get through tough times. I watch women finding trust and partnership in our Specialists. I hear women fighting through every aspect of their life then talk about to the ways they will change the world when they get their feet back on the ground.

These women surprise me every day with their strength, their perseverance, their passion and their grit. I built Colibri Life to bring these stories to life, to help more women find their own story and to redefine divorce so it becomes a badge of strength.

Today and every day, we strive to bring something to the table that helps you have more moments of delight and surprise in your life – whether through our community, our trusted Specialists, or the resources we provide.

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