Colibri Life helped me face my fear.  Sounds like a simple sentence, right?  I received a promotion at work but had not had the money discussion with my new boss. I don’t have a fear of talking about money but I have a fear of messing it all up – doing it wrong.  What if I say the wrong thing, at the wrong time, could I have gotten more, did I just ruin my reputation, etc. I had read the books, blogs and listened to “friends” advice and felt Colibri would be a personal focus on me.  I came out of my session with a step by step plan that somehow came from me.  I was not told what to do but Colibri helped me understand what I really wanted.  This genuine approach gives me strength and a voice of my own ideas, needs and wants.

PaigeColibri Life client

Colibri Life has been a sound voice of reason in a very chaotic time. Their breadth of experience and knowledge comes with a personal touch – you know they care. Their awareness of available community resources and connections within the community provide timely access to much needed support.  They get it!

PamelaColibri Life client

Going through a divorce is so overwhelming with so many different choices that swirl around your head. Colibri Life helps you make the shift to a focused group of manageable decisions where you have control. Instead of constantly being in freak out mode, Colibri empowered me to change my mindset and focus on moving forward toward the life I am building.”

ErinColibri Life client
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