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The Colibri Life Specialists are professionals in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area who are available as you need them to support the demands of your divorce.

As an Annual Colibri Life Member you will have access to discounts from rates the Specialists generally offer to their clients. You may use as many or as few Specialists as you determine you need during the year of your membership.

As an example, if you leverage all of the Specialists one often uses for buying or selling a home, you could save up to $2,000 as an Annual Colibri Life Member! Become a member today.

Based on recommendations, discussions with Specialists and public record, Colibri Life has determined that the Specialists on these pages have a reputation for providing good service in their area of expertise. As with any professional, you should perform the research that you deem necessary before hiring or engaging any Specialist through Colibri Life. The relationship between you and a Specialist is strictly between you and that Specialist although Colibri Life may ask you for feedback on your experience.

We are constantly growing our network with great Specialists so check back often. If you have an immediate need for a Specialist that is not listed below or have worked with someone in the past who was fantastic and would be valuable for others, please reach out and let us know. We will do our best to meet your request.

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