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Practitioner, Certified Life Coach & Divorce Mediator
Serving: Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia

Molly McDonald, LICSW, LCSW, MBA

Molly is an independently licensed practitioner, a certified life coach, and divorce mediator currently practicing in Washington, DC and Maryland. She provides Psychotherapy, Life & Clinical Coaching, Divorce Meditation, and financial psychology counseling for individuals, couples and families. Molly works with all genders but, she tends to specialize in working with women in transition; personally, professionally, psychically and toward purpose. She specializes in treatment and intervention for those affected by mood disorders like depression and anxiety, attachment issues, trauma, grief, loss, and professional & personal transition.

Molly works with you to set customized, therapeutic treatment goals based on your specific needs and ability to tackle issues at that point in time. Her combined background in psychotherapy, business, and divorce mediation allows her to effectively work and treat people with clinical challenges that are connected to professional and personal transitions. Molly also specializes in financial psychology and runs a group called the Psychology of Spending for Women.

Molly wanted to build a more cohesive bridge between the more theoretical and academic side of behavioral science and clinical psychology and bring it from the lab to the living room so in 2009 she co-founded Behavior Works, LLC with a professor of clinical psychology. Behavior Works began as a vehicle to promote the education and training delivery of an evidence-based therapeutic treatment for depression. It has since expanded to include psychotherapeutic, clinical, coaching, divorce mediation and consulting services.

Molly spent part of her childhood living in Europe and has traveled extensively since returning to the United States. Always indefatigably curious about human behavior, the time she spent in other countries enhanced and cultivated her interest in the complexities of different cultures while simultaneously illustrating that human behavior is remarkably similar the world over. She wanted to incorporate her fascination with cross cultural issues into her practice so during her clinical training spent 9 months in South India studying and engaging in field work that focused on women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship. She has drawn from these experiences and brought an international component to her practice. She works with clients from a wide variety of cultures, does couples counseling for cross cultural couples and does some expatriate counseling.

In her spare time, Molly loves to travel, cook, read, write, explore, muse, hike, paint, connect people, and advocate for animal welfare.

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