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Family Law Attorney
Serving: Washington D.C., Virginia

Alexander Lewis

Alex Lewis has been an associate with Duff & Kronfeld, P.C. since 2015. Alex focuses his current practice in matters of family law, which includes divorce and separation, custody and visitation, child support and spousal support (alimony), division of marital property/equitable distribution and appeals. His practice also includes personal injury and legal malpractice.

Prior to joining the Duff & Kronfeld, P.C, Mr. Lewis worked at a top international law firm where he maintained an extensive and highly active caseload defending personal injury and professional liability claims, and handling other complex litigation matters. A graduate of George Mason University School of Law, he began his legal career serving as the law clerk to the Honorable Lorraine Nordlund in Fairfax County Circuit Court.

Mr. Lewis’s experience defending complex litigation coupled with his unique experience as a circuit court law clerk make him a devoted advocate for his clients and help him provide his client’s guidance to reach an effective resolution of complicated issues.

When Alex is not practicing law, he dedicates his time as the Co-founder and Director of The Luv u Project, Inc. The mission of The Luv u Project is to turn an unacceptable tragedy into a quantifiable agenda and responsible actions that advance the understanding of, and treatments for, mental health issues. Most significantly, Alex dedicates a significant amount of his time with The Luv u Project to its young professionals organization, uLead, which brings together young professionals with the purpose of understanding, educating, and addressing the stigma associated with mental health issues. You can find out more about The Luv u Project at

Family Law Attorney
Serving: Virginia

Carolyn Grimes, Esq.

A family lawyer for over 26 years, Carolyn is experienced in all aspects of family law. She looks to guide your family into the next phase and effectively get through the divorce and post divorce process. Carolyn has a great deal of experience dealing with issues involving military and civilian government employees, Foreign Service employees, as well as interstate custody and child support issues. 

Wade, Grimes, Friedman, Meinken & Leischner, PLLC is a law firm with experienced, sympathetic, and practical lawyers. They practice in the traditional adversarial setting of law, but also practice collaborative law, designed to bring parties to a peaceful, agreed upon resolution. Wade, Grimes, Friedman, Meinken & Leischner, PLLC take what they term a ‘holistic problem solving approach’ to family law.

Carolyn’s dream job is to be the theatre critic for the New York Times, so she can get paid to go to the theatre! She enjoys problem solving and connecting people with others that support their needs.

Family Law Attorney, Mediation Services
Serving: Maryland

LJ Pelham

As the daughter of divorced parents and as a divorced woman, a mom and a stepmom, LJ has personal understanding of the damage the court process can cause and the challenges parents face after divorce. She is a settlement-focused family law attorney, offering alternatives to litigation. LJ focuses on the Collaborative Divorce Process, Mediation, negotiation, legal advice and consultation for clients who want to work things out themselves with their spouses.

LJ’s passion lies in finding respectful resolutions to family situations, not in fighting about issues in court. Whether divorce, custody or support, she provides the advocacy, information, and legal advice clients need to make choices based on what is important to them and their families. LJ welcomes the opportunity to discuss options that are available to partners considering restructuring their family through divorce or custody agreements.

In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family, read, and spin fire!

Mediation Services
Serving: Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia

Mary Atwater, Psy.D.

Originally from Colorado, Mary wears two hats as a member of Colibri Life. She is a Divorce Mediator and a Health and Wellness/Executive Coach.

As a Mediator, Mary has been helping individuals and families communicate and maintain important relationships through the divorce process. Couples seeking mediation desire less conflict and a more compassionate divorce process. They want a workable relationship with their soon-to-be former partner. While some couples may end up at court, others value a true neutral and the support of a team approach to help guide them through a respectful divorce process. This results in an outcome that supports amicable, working relationships.

Since 2002, Mary has helped individuals and families in the DC metro area connect, communicate and maintain important relationships. She strives to help all individuals move towards their new normal, encouraging them as they move towards their valued direction.

Mary enjoys spending time with her husband and their three grown children. As a group, they love to cook, hike, play games, go camping and ride horses in the Colorado Rockies.

Practitioner, Certified Life Coach & Divorce Mediator
Serving: Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia

Molly McDonald, LICSW, LCSW, MBA

Molly is an independently licensed practitioner, a certified life coach, and divorce mediator currently practicing in Washington, DC and Maryland. She provides Psychotherapy, Life & Clinical Coaching, Divorce Meditation, and financial psychology counseling for individuals, couples and families. Molly works with all genders but, she tends to specialize in working with women in transition; personally, professionally, psychically and toward purpose. She specializes in treatment and intervention for those affected by mood disorders like depression and anxiety, attachment issues, trauma, grief, loss, and professional & personal transition.

Molly works with you to set customized, therapeutic treatment goals based on your specific needs and ability to tackle issues at that point in time. Her combined background in psychotherapy, business, and divorce mediation allows her to effectively work and treat people with clinical challenges that are connected to professional and personal transitions. Molly also specializes in financial psychology and runs a group called the Psychology of Spending for Women.

Molly wanted to build a more cohesive bridge between the more theoretical and academic side of behavioral science and clinical psychology and bring it from the lab to the living room so in 2009 she co-founded Behavior Works, LLC with a professor of clinical psychology. Behavior Works began as a vehicle to promote the education and training delivery of an evidence-based therapeutic treatment for depression. It has since expanded to include psychotherapeutic, clinical, coaching, divorce mediation and consulting services.

Molly spent part of her childhood living in Europe and has traveled extensively since returning to the United States. Always indefatigably curious about human behavior, the time she spent in other countries enhanced and cultivated her interest in the complexities of different cultures while simultaneously illustrating that human behavior is remarkably similar the world over. She wanted to incorporate her fascination with cross cultural issues into her practice so during her clinical training spent 9 months in South India studying and engaging in field work that focused on women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship. She has drawn from these experiences and brought an international component to her practice. She works with clients from a wide variety of cultures, does couples counseling for cross cultural couples and does some expatriate counseling.

In her spare time, Molly loves to travel, cook, read, write, explore, muse, hike, paint, connect people, and advocate for animal welfare.

Family Law Attorney
Serving: Maryland

Stuart Skok

Ms. Stuart Skok is the founder of Stuart Skok Law LLC, based in Rockville, Maryland. Her firm’s mission is to assist clients looking to visualize the path ahead through innovative thinking and collaborative approaches. Their focal points are divorce, custody, post-divorce modification/contempt, domestic violence, and separation agreements.

Stuart brings a wealth of experience to Colibri Life. She has been practicing matrimonial and family law for over 20 years, and was named a Top 25 Family Law Attorney by SuperLawyers. A leader in the legal community, Stuart is certified in Collaborative Law and Divorce Mediation, with particular experience in cases involving children with special needs.

This interest in special needs children arises from her son. An individual with Down Syndrome, he has taught her and her family invaluable gifts about life. Stuart grew up riding horses, and prior to pursuing a career as a lawyer, traveled out west to ski. She believes that every woman possesses the strength to create her own future. It’s never too late to flip the switch and start a new chapter.

Family Law Attorney
Serving: Maryland, Washington D.C.

Sun Choi

Sun E. Choi is a trial attorney, litigator, and certified mediator with 20 years of practice beginning as a law clerk, then becoming a prosecutor, and currently leading her private practice.  Sun is a straight shooter that specializes in the areas of complex domestic matters and criminal defense.

To provide you the best outcome, DC Metro Law purposefully and strategically represents clients that align with their knowledge and expertise. With real world practice, intensive litigation experience, and aggressive trial practice and advocacy skills, Sun and her team will find the best options tailored to your specific situation. She understands that the success of her practice is based on your success and she and her team will work to be your legal guide through the incredibly difficult process of divorce.

Sun is a mother of two children, a marathoner, a community activist, and serves on the board of the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association. Sun was appointed by Korea’s Ministry of Gender Equality and Family to serve as it’s expert advisor for Korea’s national child support system.

She is also an expert on all things sci-fi and fantasy if you ever need to impress your kids!

Mediation Services
Serving: Virginia

Virginia Colin

As a professional mediator with Colin Family Mediation Group, Dr. Colin helps divorcing couples negotiate constructively about parenting plans and about the financial terms of their divorces, with the goals of supporting their children’s secure, healthy development and their own well-being. She gives a free initial phone consultation to each party. To make the process easier for clients, Dr. Colin co-authored The Guide to Low-Cost Divorce in Virginia. When parties reach agreement, the certified, professional mediators in Colin Family Mediation Group draft their Property Settlement Agreement and/or Parenting Plan.

Having experienced divorce firsthand, Dr. Colin understands the challenges of making these difficult decisions and guides her clients through the mediation process as smoothly as possible. She will work with you to determine whether she or a member of her team will be the best match for your specific needs.

During her first career as a research psychologist, Dr. Colin wrote Human Attachment, a comprehensive guide to attachment theory and research. In her free time she enjoys reading, gardening, and walking in the woods. She is also a tournament champion in modern European board games

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