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I recently joined a group on Taking Bold Actions (yes – I’m always learning & growing too!), and last week we were discussing the manifestation of money. My first reaction was – ‘Wait. Is this for real?’ – so I decided to do a little more research and found some interesting tips.

To set the stage, I have been lucky enough to have never gotten to the point in my life where I was desperate for money to feed my family or pay my bills. While I realize I am coming at this from a different perspective than most, it’s important for all of us to reflect on our relationship with money and these exercises really helped me take a step back and think.

Whether you actually manifest meaningful money or not, these brief activities can help you build a healthy relationship with money that is so valuable for all of us to have throughout our life.

Have fun with these activities. Be a little playful and let yourself dream so you are starting out by bringing a positive attitude to your relationship with money. Let’s get started!


Set your intention

The baseline of any money manifestation lies in setting your intention. Be clear on how much money you want or need. Be realistic, not greedy. Write it down. Sit with it and see how it makes you feel. Set a timeline for achieving your intention.

Remember in grade school how your teacher always told you to add more details to your writing? Do that now. The more specific you are with your intentions, the more you are able to figure out how to get there.

Give your money a purpose

Now that you have set your intention, give that money a purpose. Why do you want this money? Again, be specific. What will you use every penny for? Do you have enough for the things you need and the things you want? Picture your life once you have your money and all of the things you will spend it on. How does it make you feel? Hopefully, fantastic!

Appreciate what you have right now.

Once you have set your intention and given your money a clear purpose, take a pause to appreciate the things you have right now. Be grateful for the things you do have. Connect with the intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) things you value in your life. Some intrinsic examples include your and your family’s health, your ability to spend time together, and your friends. Extrinsic items may include the roof over your head, your favorite pair of shoes or your car.

Show respect for the money you do have.

Make sure all of the areas you deal with money – your wallet, where you pay bills, where you work – are clean and organized. Our physical environments often reflect our mental state so, if you keep your physical ‘money’ areas clean and neat, your mental attitude toward money becomes more clear and positive.

ALL the money you have.

Even the pennies in your life add to the money you have but we often don’t respect the smaller amounts. To help respect all the money in your life, take the largest bill you have in your home or wallet and hold it in your hand. How does it make you feel?  Now, take a penny and hold it in your hand. Hold that penny until you feel the same way about it as you did about the large bill. Anytime to find ANY money over the next few weeks, celebrate it, value it and put it in a ‘money’ jar (or bowl) that holds all the money you find. You may feel silly doing a happy dance for a penny but you’ll be amazed at how your perspective about money changes over time.

Act as if you were wealthy.

This doesn’t mean go out and spend as if you were wealthy but start to follow some behaviors of wealthy folks. Do a little research on wealthy people you respect and mimic their behaviors (again – not their spending actions).

Think in abundance. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals that are where you want to be. Shift your focus from spending money to making money. Be generous. Serve others. Consider multiple streams of income. Always be hustling. Learn and grow.

Take action.

You have your intention. You know why you want the money. You know the value of every penny. Now, get clear on some steps you can take to get there. Set up that ‘money’ jar. Figure out how you can make some extra money with little effort. Ask for a raise. Spend less and make this money you have saved work for you. Think outside the box.

A clear path of ‘how’ might not be there at this point but start walking in the direction you want to go.

 Give it time.

Be patient. Most of us are working to create a mind shift on how we relate to money. Mind set changes take time but keep moving forward step by step and, at a minimum, you’ll have a much healthier relationship with money.

Let’s take this journey together!

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