In this world of constant distractions, it is important to stay focused on the meaningful things in your life. We all know, life happens, especially to single moms and divorced women!  We’ve pulled together five tips that we have found are most helpful when it comes to keeping on track with your goals, whatever they may be.

Focus on the right goal

Make sure you are clear that your goal is truly yours (and not based on what you think others want ) and that you are very clear on why you personally want to achieve that goal.

Spending the time up front to get very clear on your motivations and setting a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) goal will pay off greatly in terms of your likelihood to achieve it. When times get tough, keep that big-picture motivation in mind or even better, write it down (or have a visual image) that you see every day!

Find an accountability partner

We know you have heard this before but it really does help, IF you pick the right partner. There are many forms an accountability partner can take but that person or group needs to have a few key traits and a play specific role to help you achieve your goal.

Need a place to start? Reach out to the Colibri Community through our Forum to find your own accountability partner!

Leverage incentives (or disincentives)

In addition to having someone external hold you accountable, you can provide additional incentives for yourself. Research suggests that the type of incentives that motivate us may change over our lifespan so when setting an incentive up for yourself, think through whether you are motivated more by a reward (when you save $500, you will treat yourself to a massage) or a penalty (if you do not save $500 by August, you will donate $100 to a politician or an organization that you despise).

Remember, financial incentives often don’t work as well for longer-term change, so for goals with a longer timeframe, either consider breaking them up into smaller milestones or tapping into an intrinsic or internal incentive (when I exercise for 15 minutes a day, I will always be able

to run around and play with my daughter without getting tired).

Focus on baby steps

Want to get into shape? Go buy yourself some sneakers. Call it a win. Take a 5-minute walk every day. Another win! During that 5-minute walk, throw in a jog for a minute. Keep it going and, over time, just wait to see the progress you will make.

Small steps add up to big leaps. Break your goal down into small and very achievable pieces (we’re talking actions that make you say ‘That’s way too easy!”) and celebrate every win. Not only will you start to be more positive toward yourself and focus on your successes (and you’ll have new things to put in your Awesome Jar!), but you will start to see great results toward your goal.

Don’t stress about what you can’t control

Life happens, especially to single moms and divorced women! Don’t worry about the things you can’t control. If they throw you off track for an hour or a week, it’s okay. Just get back on track. The sooner you are able to put those distractions behind you and start moving forward again, the quicker you move on to your next win.

Get unstuck from the mental and emotional muck that can suck you down and remember how good it feels when you are moving forward!

Staying on track is hard work and sometimes you need support, check out our Life Coach Specialists to help you achieve your goals!


“Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you.” – Jonathan Field


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