Going through divorce or being divorced can create many uncomfortable moments in your life that you will need to address with poise and grace. But that can be very hard. The ‘Get Uncomfortable Challenge’ is a great tool to help you get more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

For this challenge, try at least one uncomfortable thing every day for a week. Start by observing yourself for a few days to identify the areas that make you uncomfortable. For example:

  • You make eye contact with a stranger that you see everyday on the metro and you want to talk to him/her but it makes you uncomfortable.
  • You see a preview for a new movie that you want to see but you would never go alone to the movies to watch it.
  • You encounter the same person at the gym day after day and you want to let them know they inspire you but are too embarrassed.
  • You order a specific meal but it doesn’t come the way you asked and you won’t tell the waitress.
  • You disagree with a decision at work and have the information to back up your case but don’t want to speak up and express your opinion.

Once you have, identified a few areas of discomfort, turn them into your challenges. The more you choose to step out of your comfort zone, the richer your experiences will be. Embrace these new challenges and the discomfort of them. Soon you will realize that the build up is the main challenge and you be able to push yourself.

Here are a few small challenges to get you started.

  1. Make eye contact with someone you don’t know and smile
  2. Speak up in a meeting
  3. Send back a meal that didn’t come as you ordered it
  4. Write down your goals and make a plan for the future – yes, this can be scary.
  5. Change up your daily routine
  6. Allow others to decide for you
  7. Introduce yourself to someone new
  8. Try a new activity
  9. Do something alone (go to lunch, a movie, a class)

Challenge yourself daily for a week and notice how the little things that used to make you uncomfortable are starting to become a non-issue. Keep challenging yourself and soon you’ll be able to work through most of your uncomfortable situations!

The best things in life are often waiting for you at the exit ramp of your comfort zone.
-Karen Salmansohn
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