Our Mission

Colibri Life was founded to provide the support and partnership that many women seek during the divorce process. To build a community of women that grows together and finds strength in each other. To help women walk through the ‘fire’ and come out stronger on the other side.

Our Founder

Arielle is a single mom. She is triathlete and a soccer coach. She is an adventurer  and a homebody who loves to curl up on the couch with a good book. She is a friend and a mentor. She is a poet and a storyteller.

Seven years ago Arielle’s divorce was finalized followed by a three year custody battle that ended in 2015. She has been where you are. She is where you will be. Her goal with Colibri Life is to make sure your journey, wherever you are along the path, is filled with confidence, moments of joy, support and strength.

Arielle created Colibri Life to be your partner on the next phase of your life’s adventure.

We will build in you the courage of a lion.
We will create a totem of fearlessness.
We will maintain a lightness of being and joy.
We will create abundance for all women.
Together, we will thrive.



Arielle has an extensive background and expertise that she brings to Colibri Life. She has started companies and led teams through major transitions. She has been part of senior executive teams of organizations from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. She builds brands and negotiates deals. She has coached women through their divorces and mentored employees to achieve great success. While she is proud of all that she has accomplished in the corporate world, her greatest successes have come from the times she has helped women find their strength through difficult times.


Why “Colibri”?

Last Christmas was the first Christmas Arielle wouldn’t celebrate with her daughter so she decided to do some good in a place where the Christmas spirit wouldn’t be in abundance. She wound up traveling to Costa Rica on a volunteer project rescuing sea turtles. On one of her afternoons off, she traveled to a local beach town and found a beautiful beaded hummingbird in a local shop.

As she was looking at the hummingbird, the shop owner asked her if she liked the ‘colibri’. She further explained that ‘colibri’ was the Spanish name for hummingbird and continued telling her that the colibri was the symbol for abundance – not abundance of money but of joy and happiness in life. At that moment, Arielle knew Colibri would be the name of her company because it truly encompassed what she was trying to achieve for the Colibri Life community.

As a nice surprise, when she got home and tested the name, people loved it because they felt it represented togetherness (co-) and freedom (libri-). It was meant to be!

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