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Colibri Life is your one-stop shop to help you navigate life during and after divorce with:

Whether you are dealing with legal, financial, career, housing, social, or health challenges, we are here to help.


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Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of women in all situations, across any stage of divorce from the decision to the time following your divorce. From discounts for trusted professionals to community events to interactive classes to online resources, we provide you with easy to use resources and a community of support to address your legal, financial, housing, career, wellness and social needs.

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Colibri Life helped me face my fear.  Sounds like a simple sentence, right?  I received a promotion at work but had not had the money discussion with my new boss. I don’t have a fear of talking about money but I have a fear of messing it all up – doing it wrong.  What if I say the wrong thing, at the wrong time, could I have gotten more, did I just ruin my reputation, etc. I had read the books, blogs and listened to “friends” advice and felt Colibri would be a personal focus on me.  I came out of my session with a step by step plan that somehow came from me.  I was not told what to do but Colibri helped me understand what I really wanted.  This genuine approach gives me strength and a voice of my own ideas, needs and wants.
PaigeColibri Life client
"Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try."
John F. Kennedy
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